Should I? Shouldn’t I? 

Hey there, 

I believe more than one side to it, I mean the world is round so everything must have more than one. Recently I’ve been thinking about family, usually your family is everything that you don’t want it to be except in a way that’s what you love about them the most. 

I have that. We all do. But what does it mean if you have second thoughts?? If you know you can’t rely on them to do much?? If you become so separated from them that you are happier with yourself than you can ever be with them?? What if you see them as a distraction?? 

I don’t know about you but some things make me wander whether I should give up on family or not!! Things have been happening with my family and I’ve started realising the smaller things about them!! This is something I need to figure out but I need time, it’s okay sometimes!! 

What about you?? 

Are you feeling that way sometimes? 

What would you do about it? 

@ElyraNOfficial xx

Hey World!

Hey there,

There are so many things that we can do In life, for people, for animals, for things. But we never do try to do anything new or try to understand something beyond the possible. We search for answers but are never truly satisfied when we get them. Instead we want more, they say that sometimes it’s better to know too little than to know too much. Isn’t that true? We are curious. We yearn for more . It’s in our nature.

But to be able to find answers, we need to ask questions. We try to find answers to our questions in every possible place but the easiest place that you can find an answer an inside yourself. If you search for it, you control your mind, your body but do you really now what is inside your head apart from the obvious school, work, money, crushes?

This is why I want to start this blog, to answer your questions and try and explain to you the impossible. After all don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits! And once again hi!!